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Sharon Sommers, Sculptor
Wildlife artist capturing the spirit of animals in their natural habitat

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Animals...Art...Sculpture. These were Sharon Sommers' childhood passions. Memories of her youth include snow sculptures of horses and extensive drawings of the abundant wildlife found in the area of her birthplace, Rose City, Michigan.

Always creative as a child, Mrs. Sommers' family nurtured her artistic talents and her love of animals. The daughter of a conservation officer, she learned at a young age to appreciate the beauty of movement and strength in animals. Today, she celebrates and defines that energy in her bronze sculpture of wildlife.

With degrees in fine arts from Central Michigan University, Mrs. Sommers began her career as a professional sculptor in the late 1960's. She has traveled extensively throughout Africa and Australia to study animals in their natural habitat. Her ability to capture the spirit of the animal in her work earned Mrs. Sommers membership in the prestigious Society of Animal Artists.

Nationally recognized, Mrs. Sommers' work has been exhibited in art shows throughout the United States. Among these are the National Sculpture Society of New York City; The Society of Animal Artists in Cleveland, Ohio and Naples, New York; the North American Sculpture Exhibition in Golden, Colorado; and Game Conservation International in San Antonio, Texas. Sharon Sommers maintains her residence and studio in Waterford, Michigan.

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