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The Fine Arts Sculpture Centre
is located in
Clarkston, Michigan
. But its roots go back to
Florence, Italy
. It was there that Fred Petrucci began his training with
Signore Bruno Bearzi
, the internationally regarded director of the
Fonderia Artistica Fiorentina

Under the tutelage of this distinguished master craftsman, we learned the secrets to creating the finest bronze reproductions. We still incorporate many of those secrets along with a few secrets of our own. The
Fine Arts Sculpture Centre
fully understands the art of mold-making, the lost-wax shell casting process, repair and restoration, patina application, and even installation.

Today, Fine Arts Sculpture Centre is recognized throughout America for its distinctive contributions to this demanding specialty. After more than 50 years working with bronze reproductions of every size, quantity and description, this tradition of experience, craftsmanship, and quality continues to this day.

It extends to our staff, who have worked together for years. And it extends to our clients, whom we truly consider part of the family.

How else could it be? We have worked side by side with many of the world's most respected sculptors, helping them realize their creative vision.

It's an intimate relationship, built on satisfaction and trust. And that is what we are known for.
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